Gentoo Linux Installation Tutorials

Follows the Gentoo Documentation. Breaks it down into 13 sections. Shows an actual Gentoo installation. Read the official docs and refer to these tutorials if you need to see how to perform a task.


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1.   Gentoo Linux: Preparing the Disks

2.  Gentoo Linux: File System Creation Tutorial

3.   Gentoo Linux: Mounting Gentoo

4.   Gentoo Linux: Stage 3 Installation

5.   Gentoo Linux: Installing Portage

6.   Gentoo Linux: Chroot to the New Environment

7.   Gentoo Linux: An Introduction to c-flags

8.   Gentoo Linux: Selecting Mirrors

9.   Gentoo Linux: Choosing the correct Profile

10.  Gentoo Linux: Updating the Portage Tree

11.  Gentoo Linux: Linux Kernel Installation

12.  Gentoo Linux: Configure the Kernel with Genkernel

13.  Gentoo Linux: Manual Kernel Configuration